Representing Yourself

If you do not have an attorney, you might benefit from the following:

  1. Read the instructions to the Consolidated Appeal/Dispute Form before completing the it.  See the the Forms and Filing page.

  2. Become familiar with other forms and templates on the Forms and Filing page of this website.

  3. Review and follow the Board Rules, particularly Chapter 8 "Dispute Resolution."

  4. Review the information in this website. There are some flow charts on the Filing Appeals page that show the typical process of matters pending at the Board.

  5. Research prior cases that may be similar to yours in the Initial Decisions section of this website.

  6. You may ask Board staff questions by calling 303-866-3300 but staff cannot provide legal advice.


For information on free legal services or how to find an attorney, you can refer to the Colorado Bar Association. The Colorado Plaintiff Employment Lawyer's Association (PELA) has additional legal resources. Click on "I am looking for a lawyer."  You may also obtain assistance and information through Colorado WINS


There are several flowcharts that you might find helpful:

Board Hearings.

Discretionary Hearings.

Discrimination claims.

Whistleblower claims.

Grievance Process.

These flowcharts are illustrative, the Board Rules are controlling.