Colorado Supreme Court Decisions

The Colorado Court of Appeals reviews final decisions of the State Personnel Board appealed by one or both parties. In turn, the Colorado Supreme Court may review decisions of the Colorado Court of Appeals.

This page compiles some decisions from the Colorado Supreme Court. This is not an exhaustive list of decisions that may be relevant to the State Personnel Board. Parties are responsible for performing their own legal research.

Note that the Board Rules and governing statutes change from time to time. Board Rules or statutes referenced in these decisions may have changed. Therefore, you should carefully research whether any Colorado Court of Appeals and Colorado Supreme Court case continues to have precedential or persuasive value.

Colorado Supreme Court Decisions
Case Name & Citation Subjects Discussed

Dep't of Corr. v. Stiles, 477 P. 3d 709 (Colo. 2020).

  • Standards for ALJ's review of agency's disciplinary action

Dep't of Hum. Servs. v. Maggard, 248 P.3d 708 (Colo. 2011).

  • Standards for Board review of initial decisions

Lawley v. Dep't of Higher Educ., 36 P.3d 1239 (Colo. 2001).

  • Definition of arbitrary and capricious

Dep't of Hum. Servs. v. May, 1 P.3d 159 (Colo. 2000).

  • Reorganization - position exemption from State Personnel System

Bodaghi v. Dep't of Nat. Res., 995 P.2d 288 (Colo. 2000).

  • Prima facie case of discrimination
  • Discrimination - national origin

Dep't of Insts. v. Kinchen, 886 P.2d 700 (Colo. 1994).

  • Burden of proof

Horrell v. Dep't of Admin., 861 P.2d 1194 (Colo. 1993).

  • Review of constitutionality of statutes

Renteria v. Colo. State Dep't of Pers., 811 P.2d 797 (Colo. 1991).

  • Reallocation appeal
  • Notice of appeal rights - timeliness

Ass'n of Pub. Emp. v. Dep't of Highways, 809 P.2d 988 (Colo. 1991).

  • Reorganization - personal service contracts

Dep't of Health v. Donahue, 690 P.2d 243 (Colo. 1984).

  • Probationary employee's right to appeal termination
  • Due process
  • Remedies

Colo. Ass'n of Pub. Emps. v. Lamm, 677 P.2d 1350 (Colo. 1984).

  • Review of constitutionality of statutes

State Pers. Board v. Gigax, 659 P.2d 693 (Colo. 1983).

  • Timeliness - mandatory 10-day filing deadline

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