Forms and Filing

The following forms are those that are required to file an appeal, a petition for hearing or a Whistleblower Complaint with the State Personnel Board. Additionally, for parties who do not have an attorney and are "self representing," there are templates of pleadings that are commonly filed during the appeal process.

To file an appeal or a petition for hearing, fill out the Consolidated Appeal & Dispute Form following the Instructions. The appeal form is fillable and printable. Appeal forms may not be edited or modified in any manner.  

If you wish to file a Whistleblower Complaint, please complete and file both the Whistleblower Complaint Form and the Consolidated Appeal & Dispute Form.

To file a grievance (if your state agency does not have its own grievance form), you may use the fillable grievance form on this website. You must submit the grievance form to your supervisor or second-line supervisor. The Board does not review grievances. The Board only reviews appeals of final grievance decisions issued by appointing authorities upon completion of the agency's grievance process.

The Board accepts filings by email as follows:

Email filings should be sent to

Subject lines for email filings should include: (a) case name; (b) case number (if a new appeal, write "New Appeal"); and (c) the phrase “Electronic Filing.”  Example: “Doe v. Roe (2020B879) (Electronic Filing).”

The appeal, motion, or other filing must be attached as a PDF document to the email.  The Administrative Law Judge will only consider the contents of the attached filing.  The Administrative Law Judge will not consider information contained in the body of the email.

As with any filing, you must serve the other side with a copy of the appeal, motion, or other filing.

As with any filing, it must be signed.  This can be done by signing the document and scanning the document with the signature.  This can also be done by “/s/ Name” on the attached document so long as the person filing the document signs a paper form of the document and makes that form available for situations where a judge might seek verification of the signature.

Upon its receipt of a filing attached to an email, the Board will send you an email stating “Received.”  That email will be your proof of filing the appeal, motion, or other filing.

Filing deadlines will still be enforced and filing dates will be confirmed based on the date and time of the submission.  In the event a filing by email is received outside of the Board’s normal business hours (8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday), it will be considered to have been filed on the next business day.

IMPORTANT: The email itself is not a filing.  Rather, the email is a method for parties to file something with the Board such as an appeal, motion, Prehearing Statement, etc.

If you have any questions, please call Andrea Woods at 303-866-5002.

For Complainants Who Are Not Represented By An Attorney:

If you do not have an attorney during the discretionary review process, you should use the information sheet template provided. Details regarding the required content of information sheets are in Board Rule 8-45. Similarly, if you do not have an attorney and are required to file a prehearing statement, you should use the prehearing statement template provided on this site. Details regarding prehearing statements are in Board Rule 8-54. 

If you wish to file a motion, please review the sample motion template and the guidance provided. Additional details on required procedures for filing motions is provided in Board Rule 8-52.

If you need a subpoena, use the Subpoena Form Template. Review and follow Board Rule 8-59 regarding the subpoena process.

Original appeal forms and subsequent documents must be filed with the State Personnel Board and copies provided at the same time to the Respondent or the legal representative for the Respondent. Failure to do so may be grounds for denial or dismissal of the appeal. See Board Rule 8-38(B) and Board Rule 8-40.

More Information on Representing Yourself