Settlement Program

Parties are encouraged to resolve disputes at the lowest level and as informally as possible. Parties may settle at any time.

Subsequent to filing an appeal for a mandatory hearing with the State Personnel Board, any party may ask the Board to facilitate a settlement conference. In most situations, the Board will assign an Administrative Law Judge to serve as the settlement facilitator. The Administrative Law Judge who serves as a settlement facilitator must be different from the Administrative Law Judge assigned to adjudicate the dispute.

The settlement process is private, confidential and privileged unless the information disclosed is required to be reported under specific law. Only the parties and their representatives can participate in settlement proceedings, which are closed to any other person. The settlement facilitator may permit a third party to attend the settlement conference if notified in advance of the conference.

Please refer to Board Rules 8-12 through 8-18 for further details about the State Personnel Board settlement process. Current Board Rules.

To request a settlement conference, please call the Board at 303-866-3300 and press #1 for assistance.  

  Settlement Program FAQ