The State Personnel Board hears and decides appeals of state employees as well as certain appeals from applicants.

What is Appealable?

Appeals may involve:

  • disciplinary actions such as terminations, suspensions, demotions, or pay reductions.

  • non-disciplinary actions that affect pay, status, or tenure such as layoffs or administrative discharges.

  • discrimination claims.

  • whistleblower retaliation claims.

  • final grievance decisions.

  • final decisions of the State Personnel Director relating to the comparative analysis process.

  • final decisions of the State Personnel Director on a matter involving the overall administration of the state personnel system.

Is an Attorney Required?

The State Personnel Board process can be complex and having an attorney is often very helpful. Nonetheless, individuals may proceed without an attorney. If you decide to self-represent, the Representing Yourself page provides helpful information. The staff and judges with the State Personnel Board cannot provide legal advice. Individuals may retain an attorney at any point in the Board process.

Please Note: All orders issued by the State Personnel Board to parties during the course of an appeal are sent electronically. It is the responsibility of the appealing party to provide an email address that is fully functional without filters that may block communications from the Board. All orders sent electronically are presumed delivered unless the Board receives an "undeliverable" message.