Board Member Elections


State Personnel Board elections are held periodically pursuant to § 24-50-103(3)(B), C.R.S. 

To be eligible to serve on the Colorado State Personnel Board, a person: (1) must be a qualified state elector in the State of Colorado; and (2) may not be an officer or employee of the State of Colorado or of any state employee organization. 

To be eligible to vote in a Board election, a person must be a state certified employee.

Vacancies occurring for elected positions on the Board are announced in advance to employees in all departments of the State of Colorado and information is posted on this web page. In order to be on the ballot for an elected position, eligible candidates must obtain a minimum of 100 verified signatures of certified state employees on official petitions. Certified employees vote electronically for their candidate of choice. The candidate obtaining the most votes is certified as elected to the Board.



The Board will be conducting a Board election in the spring of 2022.  More information will be posted on this website.

If you have any questions about serving as an elected Board member, please contact Rick Dindinger at 303-866-5776 or